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Monday, 14 June 2010


A whole 30 days of joy, enthusiasm, pride, spontaneity, competition and FREEDOM -if I may add -! YUP, its WORLD CUP am talking about here.

It’s the most passionately ceremony in the world where every nation in our world represent itself in a loveable and close-to-heart way , it’s the time when we all forget about our daily over-helmed life , it’s the right time when we forget our enmities … our wars ! Some call it fever … I call it unity!

The whole idea amazes me every four years … GENUISE! How come we never use it in other global situations or even daily life situations? Isn't that what leaders around the world are trying to reach; one family, one world?

It is just breath-taking that moment when the team that defines you is about to win; the moment when time stops, you just feel it, believe it! At that point every one becomes Spanish, Brazilian, or South-African etc… well, Algerian in our case! ;)

This belongingness that comes unconsciously just to give you that quirky feeling of "I am a winner". my call for the soldiers that are playing over their, get up champions we are all watching it's time for you to shine , this is your day …this is your moment to meet your people high expectations , make us feel proud … this is the time of your lives so dust yourselves off and PLAY!

So all am going to do this month is celebrating these graceful moments of life … cheering … dancing to that harmonic African song … coz we are all winners, "we are all Africa" …. And just like the song goes:

"When I get older, I will be stronger
they’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag

So wave your flag

Wave your flag"

Raneem Faisal


Ahmad Fayez said...

Freedom is a property for Aljazeera Sport Channels !!

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