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Because I am a real woman...

Thursday, 24 June 2010

I might have wrinkles in my face, I might laugh loud ... and make nonsense sometimes ... but darling, that's because am a real woman! Those wrinkles show you that I’ve been through pain, time, and joy... i.e i have a real life! .... Some say that am emotional, aggressive or even irrational; well, emotions are just like "wild horses" they seem difficult to deal with but they are the most beautiful! aggression accrues not when I think that you are not fighting for me , but when I know that am far away from the stars !... irrational ???!! ... well , let me tell you something about logic and reason ; so many things may not be proved but still can be true , just like miracles ;and that's enough reason for so many of my actions ! That’s how a real woman paves her path through history!

YES , am a real woman ... when I love I give it all and have stars in my eyes ... and when I revenge , I do so with a smile !... it might sound hard to live with , but this is how I discover the world ; through pleasure , through solitude and through scarifies ! My world might look pink to you, but pink is what sky looks before sunrise and before sunset! ... So you might never know what's on the road! ... I believe in giving many chances but I also consider many others alternatives ... you may not be the center of my world, still, once I am by your side you feel like you have it all! YES because am a real woman ... I have the power of ancient tombs, the wisdom of old trees, the purity of wide oceans and the beauty of the sky! ...

Raneem Faisal


Anonymous said...

nice words ... and totally agree

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