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Girl’s World vs. Guy’s world!!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

We all know that guys and girls are different, when we were younger we liked to play with different toys, we read different things. And as we grew older we developed different hobbies, we developed different interests, and somewhere along the years we created different "worlds" and so I decided to make a comparison between a "guy’s world" and a "girl’s world".

In a "guy’s world”: when he is having a problem with another guy, they don’t have a long talk about it, they don’t discuss their "feelings"; the closest thing to that is when one guy yells "You pissed me off you A**Hole!" probably they may get into a fight and never talk to each other again! SIMPLE!!!

While in a "Girl’s World" : she has a problem, everyone she knows will know about the problem because she keeps "talking" about it, she will talk to everyone and probably cry a little, then one day she will talk to the "OTHER" girl and definitely one girl will say "you've hurt my feelings!" a lot of "feeling" talk at the end they will start plan B; Plan B is fairly simple, dig up some dirt on that girl, and then trash her in front of EVERYONE she knows!! But keep some friends with her, so that you could always find out some juicy dark disgusting secrets to spread around.
It’s a very delicate "balance!"
in a "guy’s world": he meets a "nice girl", he really likes her...he acts all romantic until one day she says "I get upset when you don’t call me when we aren’t together!" and what is he thinking IMPROSINMENT that’s right, he'll start thinking "SHE is stealing my freedom away!!" so he dumps her!
Worst is when she says "I’d like to get married and have kids within a year!" I’ll seriously Doubt her seeing him ever again!

While in "Girl’s World”: she meets a guy and really likes him...if he says something like "I’d love it if you'd let me know where you are when you're not with me...it’s just common courtesy!"
A girl will think both of those things:
1) AWWWW he loves me :") when she has known him for a year at least!

2) STALKER!!!! When he has known her for a week!
So you may wanna have some balance!

In a "guy’s world”: he meets another girl. He doesn’t like her; she is stalking him like crazy!
What does he do? He acts like a complete JERK! Saying things on the phone like "HAY I must hang up my dad has just entered the room" or changes his voice and pretend to be "sick!"

In a "Girl’s World" she meets a guy who she doesn’t like, she wishes he stops calling, so she says one day "BABIES!! I love babies!! My clock is ticking so I wanna them SOON....REAL SOON!! Perhaps 6 in the next 3 years or something! I already have a wedding dress and reservations for a ball room!"
keep talking about kids and just to seal the deal; talk about diapers and poop, and he'll NEVER EVER call again!

In a "guy’s world" he sees a girl walking down the street, she has a TON of make up on her face, he can smell her from down the street because she "drenched herself in perfume!" and wearing something that forces you to wonder "how the hell did SHE manage to fit into THAT!" what’s he thinking is it’s easy catch, actually it’s TOO easy so he doesn't bother!

In a "Girl’s World": “she wakes up at dawn, works at herself from the early hours, pull here tuck there! And then the fashion show begins, she has to choose what to wear, and probably get depressed because she doesn’t have the latest "fashion" on the market! When she walks out the door though, she doesn’t have a clue that all of this effort is a waste, because people can feel that she worked "too hard" and she doesn’t appear natural, so even when she is being sincere and honest people will honestly always doubt her, because she doesn’t seem to be secure!

In a "guy’s world": he hears a girl -ANY girl- saying to him "you look tired...get some rest" and she is immediately turned into a MAMA in his head! anything a girl says can put a guy off, if you say "eat now we won’t have time later" or "call me when you get in" or "don’t stay out late" a GIRL is then immediately turned in to a MAMA, simply if a girl ask him to "explain" himself or check in with her, SHE becomes "mothering him!" and he will Dump her!

While in a "Girl’s World" she feels safer when a guy says these things to her, all girls wanna feel safe! So when he is concerned about her she becomes super happy! :)

Its really complicated but it is TRUE!! God, don’t you love the difference!


Anonymous said...

its the best till now !!!!

the person who wrote it :D :D said...

OMG THANKS :D u made my day ^__________^

Noa said...

I hope u liked it ;)

Anonymous said...

hehehehe i did :D :D :P

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