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Jordan in our Hearts

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Today we celebrate 64 years of independence, honor and pride. So much blood was shed and so many lives were taken for us to reach this state, to be able to call a place "Home" and to actually mean it and feel it deep down in our hearts.

I will not talk about history, because we all have learned it in schools, and if you are like me you probably sucked in the exams. And we all know the heroic acts that our brave soldiers have put to get the lands back to their truthful owners. Nor will I talk about how great his Majesty King Abdullah the II is, because his actions have always been and still are for the best regarding the future and people of this country. His hands-on treatment for the current struggles that we face is a clear proof of his care and passion for his country and legacy.

On such a day, every one of us acts patriotic; raising flags and pictures, hanging logos and banners all over the city, playing patriotic songs so loudly from cars and music shops that your head feels like a drum, and even changing profile pictures on FaceBook, but do these people even think of doing anything else? Something useful, for example instead of ruining trees to hang lights and banners on them, plant some. Or instead of wasting a lot of money buying and printing flyers and posters that will eventually end up in the trash can, donate it to people who really need it and make them feel as a part of the celebration and a part of this country. Why not visit the orphanages and decorate them and make the kids understand what it means to have a home even if they don't have families instead of painting the sidewalks of streets?

We all say that we are proud to be Jordanians, but what do we do to show it? Dance? Play music really loud? Jordan is a small country and low on resources, but we can make it big, we can make it a better place for us, together, by doing small changes in our daily life that will have tremendous effects on tomorrow, and what a better day to start doing that than the day we gained our nationality, the day we fought and won our independence?

We have to carry on the legacy, the responsibility and future of this country lies on our shoulders, so let’s prove it to our ancestors that they didn’t waste their time, and that when they died for this country we will protect it after them. Let’s make our existence worth the while by taking care of Jordan as it took care of us all this time.

Congratulations on your 64th annual anniversary of Independence, we are all extremely proud to live on your ground and to breathe your air, May God Bless you.

Rasha M. Bashatweh


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